I have removed all comments from 2010-2013. I have my reasons for this. If you want to tell your personal 'Jennifer' story (must be the truth) please leave it on the Comments page. Thank you.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

~~ Recent Information ~~

October 2012, Jennifer and the 'love of her life'  Matt Lahti had baby Chloe Grace Lahti.  (baby #4 for Jennifer)

February 2013, Matt went back to jail.  Expected release November 2014. 

March 2013, Jennifer dating Scott M. and runs her mouth about me & C.L.  I wish she'd just leave my name off her lips & fingers as I have no desire to have anything to do with Jennifer Wade Franklin (Lahti).   (per her facebook)

August 2013 (or sooner), Jennifer dating Zack T. Pulled the 'I'm pregnant' trick with him within the first 6 months & also called the police on him saying he was doing drugs ?!?!?!?   (per a friend of one of the parties)

May 2014, Jennifer is single. (per her facebook)

June 2014, Jennifer and Zack are expecting a child.  (wonder if it will be a twin???)  Wonder how many times her due date will change this time?   (per her facebook)     (baby #5 for Jennifer) 

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I'm sick of her, honestly, but I leave this blog up in hopes of helping others that will be in her path in the future. Especially the X's of her men that she starts drama with for no reason.  Multiple people send me information (on their own behalf when they think I should be aware) in order to keep this blog current,  so I try to only post information I believe is the absolute truth. This blog never has been nor will it ever be a lie. 

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Here We Go Again - More Facebook drama

Just as I was about to wrap up the blog for good, someone sends me some information that Jennifer has on her Facebook page.

First off, there isn't one teeny tiny shred of jealousy regarding you & your life. You make me sick. 

This is quite interesting I must say.  I haven't ever in my life talked to Matt nor will I probably ever. Do you really think I would write him a letter and send it off to the Sumner County Jail for him?  If you are going to call me out you better make sure you have your facts straight first. I can't help it if you have spies as your Facebook 'friends' who blab everything you say to whomever they want. Maybe they think Matt needs to know your business since you drive his car everyday? I don't know and don't really care. I could care less about your life anymore since I've received all my money back that you owed me (even if I had to take time out of my days to garnish your wages!!). It only took me two (2) years.

As long as you leave my family & friends alone from here on out then I won't have to see you in the courtroom anymore. That is ALL up to you though. If you lie in order for yourself to gain anything from my family or friends I promise you I will do everything in my power to prove you are the liar. I have proved you a LIAR in every situation you've put me through in the last 3 years so if you want to go another round.........I'm ready.  I strongly, very strongly, suggest you keep my name off of your Facebook page.

You also stated "this is about to be taken care of once and for all".... Interesting....sounds like another threat against me.  See you in Court. I am the most honest person in this town probably.....good luck with your defense. 

I'm so sick of your immature rants of nonsense & lies. Fed up. To the limit.

~ K.R.
aka: TruthFinder

Monday, April 1, 2013

Attorney Fees & Wage Garnishments

Since I hired a lawyer for the Order of Protection against Jennifer Wade Franklin in August 2010, the Judge ordered Jennifer to pay my attorney fees of $500.  I have finally received ALL my money back. I had to place multiple wage garnishments on Jennifer at her job at Gallatin Health Care, but I finally got it all. It only took 2 years.  I'm almost sure that Jennifer hasn't paid the civil court fees OR the criminal court fees she was ordered to pay. Sad, very sad. 

Monday, January 28, 2013

...All About This & That...

Matt contacted me last here is my reply. (not exactly to him directly though)

I am just a portal. As you know, this blog is about Jennifer Wade Franklin, so when I am contacted by someone wanting to give me information because Jennifer has harassed them or so forth, I feel I need to put it in my blog. But, only if it's pertinent information. I don't care what kind of cigarettes she smokes & that she smokes a pack a day while pregnant or even how many abortions she's actually had done. This blog is for future victims. Plain and simple. OK, the abortions information may be good information for future men in her life, but not really. It's no secret she's been with gobs of men. Whether or not she's had multiple abortions & used up all the clinics & can't have any more is her business (and all the fathers). Jennifer also supposedly told every guy she had been dating (within the last 2 years at least) that she was on birth control, then she claims her birth control failed & is now pregnant. (Mirena)  Hmmm...on birth control all those times and prego all those times?  She needs to sue the dang birth control company if it fails that many times!!!!  

Jennifer will hopefully eventually learn that she's not going to manipulate & lie to everyone she comes into contact with.....especially spreading around to everyone she talks to her sick rape story. Jennifer used to wear out Facebook bashing her ex's about how she doesn't get Child Support.......but that's a lie because she does, from each father and has received it for quite a long time.  I'm angry that Jennifer bashes Jody every chance she gets when all it is is jealousy because Jody has a fantastic woman who the boys completely adore. When the boys are at their dad's house they get a taste of how life 
should be & how normal people act. That taste goes sour Sunday's at 6pm.  
Matt doesn't have a chance to get along with Jody...not with Jennifer around. For her, nothing would EVER be for the kids sake.  It's a shame that those kids can't have a gathering of all parents and see those parents engage in conversation without fighting involved.  

Thank you Matt for contacting me last night, but I'm here to tell you I do not have a screw loose, I'm not crazy and I don't have issues.  Those all describe Jennifer to a T. And, I am not posting on my blog daily. This blog has been active since 2010 when crazy psychotic Jennifer decided she would TRY to mess with me & my family. I am the ONE woman that was first to stand up to her nonsense. There have been periods accumulating to months in between blog posts.  The only reason there has been so much activity within the past few months is because there have been victim after victim coming forward with new information about what Jennifer has done to them.  I can't help that. I guess Jennifer shouldn't have harassed so many people.  I started this blog to tell my story.....then when Joe finally called the cops to make her leave in Oct. 2010 she couldn't move on and had to make up a fake pregnancy in hopes of roping Joe back in.  Joe is my ex-husband so when she messed with him she also messed with me...especially if my boy was going to have a so called 'sister'. I did not write anything from April 2011 (after our court) to  March 2012.  Although, I probably should have....maybe Jeremy could have been saved from all the crap he went through (especially could've saved him some $$).  Ya, I talked to him and got the whole story, but I am respecting his privacy. 

It's been said that this blog is not getting to Jennifer and I'm happy to hear that. I don't want to ever put any stress or worry on her, especially while pregnant. Matt has never done anything to me and doesn't deserve all the attention that this is bringing to his life, but I can't help that he's with Jennifer. I apologize for that, but I will not just erase my story.  I've pretty much covered everything within the last few months so I doubt there will be much on the blog in the near future, unless more victims come out and tell their story. This blog was up way before she was with Matt so, NO, I will not take it down just because Matt is with her at this time.  If Matt is happy with Jennifer, that's great. I have nothing against that nor am I trying to 'break them up'.  OMG Jennifer with her stupid....she's just trying to break us up ...... CRAP. I'm sick of hearing it.  I hope Matt gets her help, preferably with a psychiatrist because Jennifer is mentally deranged. 

That's it for me.  I will be spending my free time finishing my book. I will let all of you know when I'm finished with it. If anyone ever has anything to tell me, has an idea or story for the book or you just want to talk, you know how to get a hold of me. :)  Farewell For now Friends........... 

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Court Fees/ Costs - NOT PAID

I recently got to speak with Jennifer's probation officer, Gary, and he told me that Jennifer is now off of probation and the court fees/costs she owes was sent to collections. When I spoke to the DA, Mr. Whitley a few weeks back, he told me that Jennifer is not to be off of her probation until all fees/costs are paid.  Hmmmm, someone isn't doing their job it seems.  Sent to collections? NEVER be paid? That's just great. Great system we have going!!!

You can see from my previous post that Jennifer does not pay anyone if she don't have to since she was charged with two (2) counts of worthless checks, owes rental companies for back rent & damages and even owes the daycare facility where she took her youngest son because she wrote them a bad check. The court fees will probably never be paid, I'm sure. 

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Timeline of facts....very long post of information. Worth a look if you are involved with Jennifer! !

OK Folks....this is going to be a very long post.  I have put together Jennifer's comments by date. No, I have not been stalking Jennifer.  I actually tried to ignore her for a year but couldn't because she kept messing with people's lives so I had to intervene.  I got all these past posts in one day.   

If you pay attention you will see a pattern.   Man, pregnant, baby dies, new man, pregnant, baby dies, new man, pregnant because birth control failed, twins!!, baby dies.....etc...etc...

Jennifer's dating & baby timeline:
  • Told Joe on 2-3-11 that their baby 'Abby Grace' died then... (see other blog posts about this story)

  • Larry W.   (2-3-11 to 5-11-11 (he left for Arkansas)) ...Pregnant in April then baby 'died' August 2011  - (see other blog post directly from Larry)

...meanwhile.... being pregnant with Larry's baby....Jennifer dates others....

  • Roger   (5-22-11 to 6-26-11 or so)  then... and still meanwhile...(supposedly still pregnant with Larry's baby & actually texting Larry about said baby)

  • Charles   (7-1-11 to 7-18-11??)   then... and still meanwhile... (supposedly still pregnant with Larry's baby & actually texting Larry about said baby)

  • Jeremy   (7-24-11 to 10-6-11??)  then... and still meanwhile... (Larry's baby  'died' mid August)  & then pregnant with 'Baby Holt' Sept 2011 (a month after her & larry's baby died)  She told her kids about the new baby coming on Sept 27, 2011. (pics below)

  • Matt (10-10-11 to (in & out of jail)   - Terminated 'Baby Holt' in October 2011 after she started dating Matt.  I confirmed with Jeremy & he also confirmed he gave Jennifer a couple thousand $$ in October to 'take care of it'.   Jeremy said quote: "she was trying her hardest to trap me and I just didn't like her that much to b honest"

She was planning on getting married & having babies to almost all of them.  I really can't keep up with all her lies, nor do I want to waste any more time than I have to on this.  

 "She started texting me constantly about how she was constantly sick, vomitig blood, having stomach pains, near-miscarriages, the baby wasn't doing well, the baby was well underweight, yadda yadda yadda. Almost daily I asked her if she needed money, but she always said "no" and for me to stop asking because it made her feel like I thought she couldn't handle it. 'People' were regularly texting me from her phone saying she had been picked up by an ambulance or just got admitted to the hospital or had locked herself in a bathroom crying, etc."

Convenient or not that Jennifer 'lost' baby holt right after she's in a relationship with Matt ? ?
 . . .  And also right after she received $$ from Mr. Holt  . . .

I have been told by multiple people that Jeremy Holt's baby was most likely aborted.  Makes sense, since she began dating Matt & moved in with him in two (2) weeks time. I cannot prove this to a certainty, of course, but others have confided in me that Jennifer has had multiple abortions throughout the years.  Jennifer claims to have had 'miscarriages' - approx. 6 in the last two years. (by her own words)

I apologize if all this information is confusing.  I have tried to put all information into a timeline of sorts for better understanding. Its hard to keep all the stories sorted out since they sometimes overlap. 

Thursday, July 19, 2012

❊ Tired of the Lies Told About Me - The Jody Franklin Story ❊

I received this from Jody Franklin (Jennifer Wade Franklin's Ex-husband). These are his words, not mine. I am only posting it so he can tell his story. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

 Wow, where to begin? I am not one to get on here and post things about my personal life or anyone else's. I think its time for me to set a few things straight. so here it is. It has been said that I am a bad father and have walked out on my kids. First off I have never walked out on my kids and I will never. There have been comments made about me and a phone and that my kids called me to much and my sorry excuse for a girlfriend wont let them have my number. Well that is total BS. They do not have my number because when my boys and her had my number I couldnt have a conversation with my kids without her getting on the phone and raising hell and cussing me about something in front of my kids. Then I would get harrassed by her and i was fed up with her BS. So after changing my number several times i refused to give her my number. My oldest son got a phone for his birthday and I was excited to be able to call them both but that went south real quick. I called from a restricted number so SHE wouldn't have it. After calling a couple of times There mother answered the phone and told my son " Its your dad calling restricted cause his bitch wont let you have his number". So i talked to my boys for a few minutes and could tell they were very upset. so the next time i tried to call the phone it would not except restricted calls. She had blocked it so i couldnt call my kids.Then She wants to go around telling everyone that I never call my boys. I was till she made it to where I cant . So the next time they came to my house I explained to them the reason why i wasnt able to call them. They totally understood and told me they loved me. Thats just one of the things about the phone and why she doesnt have my number and i dont have time to tell them all. 

Now the next thing I want to get out there is I have a buddy that informed me that things were posted on facebook about me and my kids and seat belts. I may not wear my seat belt but my girlfriend always does and when my kids get in the car she always tells them to buckle up. so obviously they are not taught to put on seat belt when they get in the car. My kids safety is very important to me and we always make sure they are buckled up. So before people bash the father with comments about her post on this know the truth about something before you go talking trash about the father on FB. I do not and never have talked bad about my boys mother to them or somewhere they can read it. I would appreciate the same in return. The last I read it states in the parenting plan that you can not degrade, cuss or say anything bad about the other parent in front of the children. And guess what my 7 and 11yr old have a facebook and can read everything posted about their father. Wow can you say contempt? Ok my oldest son was brought into something that someone has no business bringing an innocent young man into that he is not involved in. Since it was brought up and someone has said he was only seen when Jenn would force it and go pick up to stay over. The first time he came to my house i was playing softball in Franklin KY and his mother dropped him off at my house. Jenn called me raising hell saying that bitch just dropped ur son off and left him. She drove from Gallatin to Ky. and told me I was dealing with this and she wanted nothing to do with it. Later my oldest son called me wanting to come over so I said ok. His mom or grandparent brought him over with his bike to play. he stayed for a while and his mom came and picked him up. So for someone to say they forced it and went to pick him up is such a bold face lie. Jenn didn't want anything to do with him and always talked about his mother like a dog. Jenns "friend" needs to get her facts straight before she goes around spreading lies. Thats about enough for today. For years I have sat back and listened/took the lies. So now its my turn to tell the truth about all the lies on me.


Monday, July 16, 2012

Threats & More Lies

Two days ago, Jennifer Wade Franklin decided she would threaten myself and a couple other people (one who has an order of protection on her right now) to take us to court.  Jennifer states this on her Facebook: 

Slander is a very serious charge (a felony to be exact)!! I have spent weeks trying to get all my things together and finally got it all! I sure hope Keli R, Jutlie B, and one other that I won't mention look good in stripes! That's all I'm going to say for now!!! Bitches ur going down and LOVE it!!!! Ur time has FINALLY CAME!!!!  
I have an atty and have provided proof on EVERYTHING said is not true and also the DA is the one that told me it holds up to 15 yrs. It's a criminal charge not a civil charge.  
It's actually not costing me anything unless they are proven innocent which WILL NOT happen. All fees will be assessed to them. Ive spent weeks on top of weeks getting everything together and in line and finally have it all. Now just waiting for them to get served and head to court. :)

I had responded to this post of her's on my blog and mentioned that I would be going to the District Attorney's Office on Monday to find out if they indeed 'told her' anything that she portrayed in her ignorant status update. 

My first stop today was the District Attorney's office. I was told at that visit that anyone can look up Slander online and they will see that it is NOT a criminal matter but a civil matter. She cannot sue me for slander to begin with. If she's trying to scare people with her comments she needs to get them correct first.  The DA was not in at this time so I decided I would return later.

My next stop was the Sumner County Sheriff's Department, Warrants Division.  I told the nice young lady behind the counter that Jennifer Wade said I had a warrant or was going to have a warrant on me or whatever, so could she please look that up for me?  She looked me up and what do you know.........NO WARRANTS.  Imagine that. Wonder how I will be served then without a warrant issued on me?  

Next stop, The DA's office again.  This time I got to speak with Mr. Whitley himself. :)  What a fantastic gentleman!! I was expecting him to be nice and just answer my questions, but he took his time and talked to me about everything I had to ask (which was a lot!) We discussed every question I had until I had no other questions that needed answered.  Basically, Jennifer Wade is a LIAR (but we all knew that). I already knew most of the answers he was going to tell me, but you know me.....I want confirmation. :)  Mr. Whitley confirmed that Jennifer had to be making up stories.   No one from that office would have told her a Slander charge holds up to 15 yrs and he said he's never heard of Criminal Slander! H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S!!!!  I left copies with him since he wanted some. :))

I hope Jennifer is happy with the results since she started all of this with her lies - AGAIN.

I can see the future..........Is she going to make up a story that we all went to court and we got sentenced to 15 yrs and her life is so fantabulous that no can ever be her?  Priceless

Jennifer lied, once again & I proved it, once again.  Does that surprise any of you?? 

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Jennifer Wade Franklin decided to comment on my Facebook Page

I have been receiving story after story from so many people who have crossed paths with Jennifer.  I have been posting some of those stories here on my blog and on my Facebook Community page for everyone to read because I am positive there are many more victims of hers out there & who would probably like to share their story too.

A very brave person posted a story about Jennifer and Liberty Baptist Church  so I posted it on my Facebook page.  I also posted pictures as proof of Jennifer's own Facebook updates confirming she was going to Liberty at the time.  Either way, the comments were as follows on that story & pictures:

Melissa wrote: "Wow! That's all I can say. None of this amazes me anymore."

Charles wrote: "This is all the truth cause I'm now a member of the very same church. They know everything cause I'm spreading it to them. And her poor innocent sister goes there too and hates that jen is doing this BS."

Misty wrote: "Jen has always been troubled but her sister has a heart of gold and i am very blessed to know her. i hope no one holds a grudge to her for Jen's stupidity and greed."

then....Jennifer chimes in:

then another comment:

Cindy wrote: "Wow finally someone comes to see what type person she is. I've known for many years but she would turn everyone against the person telling the truth. April is a great person and is willing to help anyone no matter her needs."

........Then all of a sudden Jennifer's comment was deleted.  Shortly after, my whole page was mysteriously gone off of Facebook.  That's not really a big deal.  It just proves that Jennifer knows I am telling the truth, as well as all the others, and she doesn't want anyone reading the page so she had to report it to Facebook for them to take it down.  

Even though I do not have to address Jennifer's comments, I will anyway. :)    

Everything that comes out of my mouth is lies?  PLEASE oh PLEASE prove that to me. Prove that to anybody.  I will be patiently waiting for that to happen. Everyone who knows me knows for a fact that I am an honest & trustworthy person. That was a nice try though.  

I don't have to 'do my homework' on this as I am not attending school. This is someone else's story about you, not mine. They can say whatever they'd like.  All I asked is that people tell the truth.  It's called FREEDOM OF SPEECH. :)

Only April can defend herself against your claim that SHE did it all for you. Since I don't believe one single word that comes from your mouth, I highly doubt that is even slightly the truth. 

Court? You are going to take me to court?  Seriously??  Do you not remember what happened last time?   It's all in my can go back and read it to refresh your memory. ;)   What are you going to take me to court for this time? You've threatened me with court about a dozen times now that I can't remember what they were for each time.  Oh wait.....Slander?  You can't even get it right when you try to threaten someone! You might want to go online, and look up the definition of Slander. They may even have an app for that.

Thank you for threatening me once again. ;)

Here are a couple things to think about:

  • You told 2 men you had their baby & shortly thereafter the babies died.  You will need to authenticate that story by providing hospital records of these births and birth/death certificates.  Telling someone a person has died when you know it to be false is against the law. Didn't you know that?  I thought you knew everything.  

  • You better be able to prove I have lied about you. Which will be extremely hard with all the proof I have to back up every single thing I've said. ;)   I actually don't need to make up live in fantasy land & the truth is a better story anyway.    

  • Your character is not being 'defamed' by any of do that all on your own. 
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Someone graciously provided me with an update (before Jen deleted them & about 50 others lol) about Jennifer taking me & some others to court.  Jennifer states this on her Facebook page today 7/14/12:

Slander is a very serious charge (a felony to be exact)!! I have spent weeks trying to get all my things together and finally got it all! I sure hope Keli R, Jutlie B, and one other that I won't mention look good in stripes! That's all I'm going to say for now!!! Bitches ur going down and LOVE it!!!! Ur time has FINALLY CAME!!!!  

I have an atty and have provided proof on EVERYTHING said is not true and also the DA is the one that told me it holds up to 15 yrs. It's a criminal charge not a civil charge.  

It's actually not costing me anything unless they are proven innocent which WILL NOT happen. All fees will be assessed to them. Ive spent weeks on top of weeks getting everything together and in line and finally have it all. Now just waiting for them to get served and head to court. :)

Threatening to get us thrown in jail.....that's a real smart move. You really make some smart decisions Jennifer Wade Franklin. I remember getting a very similar text message from you right before the Judge approved the Order of Protection for you to stay away from me!!  

You have provided your attorney proof that EVERYTHING I've said is not true?  What fantasy world are you living in????   Jennifer, seriously, read what you wrote again.... The DA told you it holds up to 15 yrs & its a criminal charge?  If the DA of Sumner County told you this, then I'm moving because they obviously don't know what they are talking about!  I will be calling their office Monday morning and 'dropping your name' to let them know you are telling everyone this and I'm going to ask the DA himself to confirm he told you this.  If he didn't, THAT would be considered slander/libel.  See how that works......knowledge is such a wonderful thing. 

I will also have to call the Sumner County Jail to find out when I'm getting served. :)  I want to be sure I am home or maybe I will just go get the papers myself.  I will be sure to keep my readers up to date. 

The only way it wouldn't be costing you a dime is if the State of Tennessee is taking on your case because you are the victim. But of course YOU'D be the victim!  LOL!!!  YOU my dear are not a victim. I am a victim, Jutlie is a victim, Chasity is a victim, Joe is a victim, Larry is a victim, Kasey is a victim, Melissa is a victim,  April is a victim (poor girl! I can't believe you'd blame her!!)  Liberty Baptist Church members are victims, heck even your soul mate Matt is a victim as he sits in jail.  Plus all of the victims families!!!!  I could go on and on listing victims but I don't have weeks.  Heck, even the residents of TN are victims!  I repeat, Y-O-U are not a victim.                Class action suit? Hmmmm

You've spent weeks on top of weeks getting everything together and in line? Why not just send everyone to my blog.....its all right here for everyone to read at any time. I would never want to cause you any stress of preparing documents.  Weeks on top of weeks doesn't even compare to years on top of years. ;)  

I guess we will all be seeing you in court soon.  Although, I don't think the courtroom is big enough for all of us that will be there. 

To my readers out there, THANK YOU! Thank you for being brave and telling your stories.  Jennifer messed with me & I handled it through the courts, then she kept messing with others so I decided I was going to warn the world by using this blog.  It's working and I'm so glad for that. Jennifer Wade Franklin won't be pulling any stunts or defrauding people who have read this blog and I LOVE IT! She needs to be sitting in jail for all the harm she's caused.